5 Fun Facts About Oscar The Handsome Pug

So, if you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll probably feel like you know me pretty well by now. If you haven’t been following me, where have you been, under a rock?! Visit me on Instagram or Facebook and follow my adventures!

You may know about my love for sticks, you may see my beautiful walkies and my awesome pawrents, but here are some things you may not know about me…

1. My name used to be Sonny! My pawrents renamed me Oscar when they re-homed me at 10 months old. Everyone realised how handsome I was and Oscar The Handsome Pug just stuck..

2. My favourite food is… HAM and my favourite drink is… MILK!! Yummers!

3. My pawrents actually think I might be a monkey… If you’ve ever heard me crying in the car, you would probably agree! Watch the video at the bottom to hear it 🙊

4. I don’t have a favourite toy as such, but a very close contender is my trusty antler. I absolutely love munching on my antler for hours on end. If you don’t have one, you need to invest. They last FOREVER!

5. I sleep at the top of my Pawrents bed, on my pillow throne. I used to sleep downstairs but kept waking Mum up at 5pm, so eventually she gave in and now I sleep with them. YES!

Check out my video below to learn more about me and to see more on these super fun facts. If you haven’t already, please do subscribe my my YouTube channel and hit the bell icon to receive notifications of my upcoming videos.

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